Our hotel have to public bath.This is hot springs(only inside bathtub)
※But inroom bath is not hot springs.Only public bath.

The development of Gora Onsen began with a hot spring from Soun Jigoku in Meiji 27, and the sale of villas with hot springs began in 1905 and began in earnest with the opening of a mountain railway between Hakone Yumoto and Gora in 1958.
On the other hand, hot spring drilling in Gora was first successful in 1924, and the current number of hot springs is 46, the quality of the springs is classified into three types, and the highest temperature is 95 ° C. Contains. 
Gora Onsen is a milky white hot spring drawn from Owakudani (acid-sulfate hot spring), a hot spring drawn from Sounzan (simple sulfur hot spring), simple hot spring, chloride hot spring, bicarbonate hot spring, etc. Is one of the hot springs in Hakone where you can enjoy the hot springs in the same area.